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I've wanted to see a demake of this game for a long time. Nice job! This first stage is *much* harder than the original, though, and I know at least one reason why: Those circle "popcorn" enemies should die with one hit, but they take a lot more hits to kill here and thus the player has to dodge the remaining ones as they move down the screen.

This is cool, nice work. It's way harder than the original, though! Why do you think that is?



The enemies still deal harm no matter what.


Cool game, rather hard for me, still I enjoyed playing it. Graphics and music are perfectly fit in the game. Additional kudos for providing comments in code =D


 Thanks kostik, glad that you liked! We also had a hard time while playtesting hahaha

 My buddy Sklaiser did a great job on the graphics, but I thought the music ended up a bit rough, at least comparing to the original: so, it's great to hear that it fitted well! About the comments, by the end of the coding, I realized the code was really a big mess, so I had to leave some comments warning anyone that tried to read it hahaha once again, thanks :)


This is a great game.  The sprites are great the music is awesome.  The concept is pretty cool too.  I've never been great at these types of games but I enjoyed playing it a lot.

Thanks a lot for your comment, glad you liked it! We thought that the amount of bullets and enemies might scare some players away, but it's great to see that even if you aren't that great at playing shmups, you still enjoyed playing. Again, thanks!